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It's been a very busy summer over here at the Lyons-Bailey household. Work always revs up in the summertime, and Bob wasn't the only older family member I had to take care of. Starting in April, other family members started taking turns in the hospital, and I made an appearance there myself a time or two. All of this slowed down the editing on Bob's last book, Deja Noir, which he worked so hard to finish.

But now it's done, and on its way back to Agent Andy. When we have news on any book deal, we will let Bob's fans and friends know in this space. 

Lastly, shortly after Bob passed away, I took part in this interview of four families who had vastly different experiences with GBM. We all strongly recommend it for anyone newly diagnosed. GBM is a fast-moving disease and you don't have much time to think about options and make decisions after getting a diagnosis like this. There's a treasure trove of information here, so if you know anyone newly diagnosed, please pass this article along. Thanks. 




Although Bob finished his last book, Deja Noir, and made it to one final writer's conference, Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity in Baltimore, Maryland, over his birthday weekend September 13, he declined fairly quickly thereafter, and sadly succumbed to cancer this morning at 8:14. 

He will live on in the books he so enjoyed writing, and when there's news on his forthcoming Deja Noir, it will be posted here.

Thank you to all those who read, to all those who wrote, and to all who loved him. He will be missed.




We're glad to be able to report that Bob is doing still better.  He is even starting to be able to read a few words again and that, considering how he was doing three weeks ago, is tremendous.

But we had a short delay working on his book today due to a few tears we shed over Austin Camacho's blog about Bob here.  It was just such a nice thing to read.

We also wrote a blog for the Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity Conference here.  If things continue as they are, Bob should be able to be there.  Everybody keep your fingers crossed! This conference starts on Bob's birthday, so it will be a doubly sweet victory for him to get there.  The Creatures, Crimes & Creativity literary conference is for readers and writers of mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk.

It's scheduled for September 13, 14 and 15 of 2013 in the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, and will present three days of panels and workshops of interest to both writers and fans. If you would like to know more, you can find their website here. 



7/25/13  Bob improving!

We're pleased to be able to report that two infusions of Avastin have helped Bob tremendously.  He is now up and about, taking care of a lot of activities of daily living himself, and hoping he improves enough to finish his last chapter.  We were thinking he would not be able to make any of his author appearances this summer, but now we are cautiously planning for him to be able to make his Hanover Book Festival appearance at least.  We'll keep everybody updated in this space.


For those who haven't heard, Bob has suffered a recurrence of his brain cancer.  It is now in three different places in his brain, and they aren't good places.  Both Cullather Brain Tumor Center and the wonderful Dr. Khan are saying it's time for hospice, but Bob isn't ready to give up.  He is trying to make his 7/23 Avastin infusion and even willing to go back on steroids to improve swelling and brain function.  Bob is tough.  Bob is a fighter.

He had a HORRIBLE 24 hours after his first Avastin infusion due to gout.  Hardly even able to move at all in bed.  So it's hard to tell if the Avastin helped much.  We'd know more if he were able to get up.

Obviously he will not make his Michigan appearances this weekend.  I was going to announce he wouldn't be making any, but some little bird is telling me to hold off for a while.  Bob is tough.  Bob is a fighter.

If anyone can spare any prayers for Bob, please do.  They helped with his gout last night.

You can keep up to date with Bob's progress on his Facebook page.



Bob's Michigan appearance has had to be cancelled due to health reasons.




Additions to the Webpage

September 25:  The promised interview with Bob about the writing and publication of Dead Bang is now up!   *Bob asks that you please bear with him while listening due to his mild aphasia.