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Deja Noir, by Robert E. Bailey:

Ray Kerze, a widowed, alcoholic ex-cop, calls himself "running a PI business" in the decaying heart of Detroit. What he's really doing is drowning himself in whiskey, and helping out other struggling denizens of downtown Detroit in his sober moments. But when Misty Lake, on the run from the Mob and with nowhere else to turn, shows up at his door, she changes his whole life. How do a run-down ex-cop and a runaway would-be prostitute get tangled up with skinheads, and how does that get them mired in a scandal that goes all the way to City Hall? How does the FBI get involved? More important, how the heck do they get out of it?

DEJA NOIR has made its debut. BUT ... it wasn't the last thing Bob ever wrote. Will there be more? WATCH THIS SPACE.