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Art Hardin is a middle-aged guy with a wife, three sons, a dog, and a black Olds sedan―-and he'd be happy to earn his living chasing fraudulent insurance claims and snapping pictures of cheating spouses. That was his plan, anyway, when he'd retired from his position as a counterintelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Service branch of the government. Unfortunately, high-priced attorney Martin Van Pelham has other plans for the battle weary PI.

Van Pelham's niece Karen (who he raised as his daughter) has gotten herself into some deep trouble, and Hardin's job is to make sure she stays alive to answer for it. The first problem he encounters is Karen's reluctance to cooperate with this plan, preferring instead to attack him with a camping hatchet. The next problem is a crooked drunk and abusive police officer named Randy Talon, who happens to be Karen's husband. Even with the help of Wendy, his bounty hunter wife, and Ron Craig, friend and ex-CIA agent, the case is already threatening to become dangerously hard to handle.

This remarkably well-crafted story has the trademark qualities of superior detective mystery: deft plotting, lively dialogue, timely information, knowledgeable opinion, and acute commentary on the ways of the world. Private Heat is the beginning of a very exciting new series.

From the paperback version of Private Heat published by M. Evans and Company. For more information, click here.

Art Hardin, retired military intelligence officer turned private investigator, is content with his regular caseload involving insurance fraud and employee theft. So when a wealthy industrialist approaches Art to find an old flame, he's wary of taking on the case. Only when pressed by his wife, Wendy, does Art agree to help, but only if the decision to make contact is left to the missing person.

The former lover, a reclusive but prominent artist who has changed her name, turns up dead shortly after Art locates her. His client charged with murder and his detective's license revoked, an angry Hardin finds himself the subject of "professional" surveillance, his office ransacked, and his life up for grabs as a shoot-out erupts on the street.

The FBI, long on requests and short on information, approaches Art for his help . . . to act as bait. Seemingly out of options, Art agrees, but with an ace up his sleeve. Aided by an outlaw motorcycle gang, Art decides that, this time, the bait is going to bite back.

From the Kindle version of Dying Embers published by Ignition Books. For more information, click here.