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What's New

NEW BOOK BY ROBERT E. BAILEY COMING SOON!! Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving: the copyedited manuscript of Deja Noir, which publisher Andy just sent us before taking off for his Thanksgiving holiday. (Thanks, Andy!! And Happy Thanksgiving!) Next stop...A COVER. There will be a cover contest, and fans will be able to vote for their favorite cover! Watch this space for more details! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.

Today's Featured Book

Private Detective and retired counterintelligence officer Art Hardin usually stays away from the flashy kind of PI work, paying his bills by doing surveillance, checking up on false disability claims, and the like. So when the senior partner one of the premier legal firms in Grand Rapids approaches Hardin about a job protecting his niece from her soon-to-be ex-husband for a couple of days, Hardin isn't exactly eager to take on the job, not the least because the niece herself is under house-arrest pending a murder investigation of her former boss...and the sudden disappearance of eleven million dollars...

From the Kindle version of Private Heat, published by Ignition Books. Available in print. Read more here